Located in the Northwest Valley at the intersection of Lake Pleasant and Happy Valley rd, Twisted Italian offers creative and delicious dishes, great wine, and friendly service at reasonable prices.  We have a offer a full bar, dine in or carry out, catering have a daily happy hour and lunch specials and are family friendly.


Twisted Italian was initially opened in 2011.  In June of 2015, ownership changed.   Although the restaurant name and several menu options remained the same, a new establishment was created with new management and several additional menu items.

“More Than Great Italian”

While the menu has several great classic Italian dishes on it, it is not limited to the usual items found on most Italian Restaurant Menus.  We also strive to bring our customers unique & delicious dishes typically not found in most Italian restaurants.   Such items include a variety of house made pierogis, an Italian Relleno, and a European Sea Bass (Branzino), to name a few.

Chicago Influence

The owners are transplants from Chicago’s Western Suburbs.  As a result, you will notice some Chicago influence in the menu and in the restaurant.  The menu includes a classic Chicago Italian Beef as well as a combo Beef Sausage, also a classic Chicago thin crust pizza (of course cut in squares!).   At the bar you can find a frosty can of Old Style Beer as well as a glass of wine.

The Specialties

While all our menu options truly are excellent, we feel a few stand out.

The Italian Beef – We believe this to be the best Chicago Italian Beef in Arizona and our customers have given us that feedback repeatedly.  We start with a great cut of beef which makes a difference.  We use Iowa Premium Angus Beef.   We then marinade it with secret Twisted ingredients.  It is then slow cooked and sliced ultra-thin.   You will not find a leaner, more tender beef.  It is served on a freshly cut toasted French Roll, loaded with your choice of peppers (sautéed sweet bell peppers, Hot or mild Giardiniera), melted Mozzarella & Provolone and a side of Au jus.    Bring it over the top by ordering the Combo sandwich which adds a jumbo Chicago Sausage to the beef sandwich.

King Cut Lasagna – Every Lasagna we make is made to order.   There is no pulling a portion out the pan that was made yesterday and microwaving it.  In fact, you will not find a microwave in our restaurant.   We offer a pork version (House Made Spicy Sausage Recipe), an angus beef version, a combo beef/sausage version, and a vegie version.   If you are looking for something different, let us know.   Upon request, we will be happy to accommodate if we can (ie  light on the ricotta, some pepperoni, Alfredo Sauce….).   Just let us know.    All using nothing but the best possible ingredients.

And the size of the dish – absolutely fit for a king!   The Biggest & the Best.


The Pierogis

While clearly not Italian, we feel pierogis fit in quite well with Italian as a great European comfort food.  Based upon family recipes, the pierogis are made fresh in house.   The menu features a classic cheese & onion potato pierogi, a South of the Border Potato pierogi with ghost cheese & jalapenos, and a Meatball Pierogi.  We will also typically will feature a “Pierogi of the Month” which will change throughout the year.